Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Canadian Kennel Club

Alberta Equestrian Federation

Companies in Canada that manufacture compatible ISO Microchips:



Australian Government - Department of Agriculture

Australian National Kennel Council Ltd

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New Zealand 

 New Zealand Government – Ministry for Primary Industries

New Zealand Kennel Club




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United Kingdom


UK Government 

The Kennel Club



United States 

United States Department of Agriculture

Center for Disease Control and prevention

American Kennel Club

Hong Kong

Agriculture, Fishers and Conservation Department

Hong Kong Kennel Club

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The European Union presently consists of 28 countries and has a total population of just over 500 million citizens (504,456,000).

Austria Estonia Italy Portugal
Belgium Finland* Latvia Romania
Bulgaria France Lithuania Slovakia
Croatia Germany Luxembourg Slovania
Cypress Greece Malta* Spain
Czech Republic Hungary Netherlands Sweden
Denmark Ireland* Poland United Kingdom*
Dogs travelling to Finland, Malta, the Republic of Ireland, and the United Kingdom require treatment for Echinococcus  (Tape Worm) within a period of not more than 120 hours and not less than 24 hours before the time of scheduled entry of the dogs into the EU.
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